About Us

Ozenirler Hydraulics, the foundations for which were laid half a century ago in a small workshop in Ankara, commenced production of dump truck gear pumps in 1973.

Growing rapidly without compromising on its quality and customer-focused production values, Ozenirler Hydraulics added Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinders, Construction Machinery Cylinders, Industrial Cylinders, Pistons and Gear Pumps, Hydraulic Valves, Gear Boxes (P.T.O) and Hydraulic Kit Equipments to its product range to over 5,000 items and becoming one of the leading hydraulics firms in Turkey.

By continually investing in new technology, Ozenirler Hydraulics constantly improves the quality and productivity of its products. The importance that it places on quality and customer satisfaction has ensured that Ozenirler Hydraulics has become one of the most important suppliers in its sector.

Annual production reached 10,000 pieces of product Özenirler Hydraulic ISO 9001 quality management system and its r & d efforts with a team of experts of the sector continues to keep his pulse. Export to Middle East countries and aims to add a chain of European countries.

the rise of dating and quality manufacturing since 1973 özenirler has constantly and can leverage the success of new technology for even more by investing in production quality and efficiency. Quality and customer satisfaction Özenirler serves industries important suppliers of Hydraulic has become one.

01. Vision

In the power sector as a priority in our region, then developing and growing our customer satisfaction Turkey, keeps the expectations and demands in the forefront at all times when being a strong and leading company that uses in the best way.

03. Quality Policy

* To keep customer satisfaction at the forefront.
* Carry high quality standards in the power sector.
* The maximum customer requests and needs quickly to provide in a timely manner.
* Continuation of the firm's success and future efforts for the continuous improvement and development in terms of the highest level.

02. Mission

He carried out together with our employees we are Özenirler as we always keep our customers high sevi. Our responsibility towards society and the environment by moving with consciousness, and fair competitive stance.

04. Environmental Policy

* Environmentally-friendly and bilinçlendirilmiş staff evolved constantly grow.
* Watch high-quality manufacturing, and zero pollution policy.
* Comply with environmental Laws and regulations of the province of the environment interact.
* Energy and minimize resource consumption.